The Guémadeuc Book of Hours

The chief work of the Master of Antoine de Roche with 334 miniatures.

Full facsimile of the manuscript made in Paris or Lyon around 1500 in its original format. Velvet binding in a full linen book case.

Scholarly commentary by Prof. E. König, FU Berlin, with 16 color plates and 100 comparative images. Quarto, 200 p., illustrated stiff wrappers.

The edition is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, 980 of which are for sale. For the deluxe-edition, 250 copies only, the binding of purple velvet is adorned with elegant clasps and corner pieces in filigree work made from finest sterling silver, a true replica of the original 16th century binding of the manuscript.  

Le Bestiaire d'amours

The love bestiary of Richard de Fournival. With 71 images in 65 miniatures. Full facsimile of the earliest known manuscript, illuminated in Paris around 1260, in its original format.

Since the manuscript presented here is the earliest known copy of the medieval love bestiary, the commentary volume will provide not only an extensive analysis of the manuscript but also a complete edition of its text. 

The scholarly commentary is written by Prof. Bruno Roy, a leading authority on French literature of the Middle Ages, and the art historian Xénia Muratova.


Johannes von Palz, Hymelische Fundgrube

Facsimile of a unique German illuminated manuscript made in Franconia or the Rhineland, with 21 images of the Passion of Christ accompanying a textually significant Passion treatise, dated 1508.

Description of the manuscript in English, 24 p.

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